What does your choc choice say about you?

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Chocolatier Murray Langham believes the shapes and centres that attract you – and how you play with the wrapper – may be a guide to your inner self.


In a tiny turn-of-the century cottage in New Zealand, in gourmet Greytown’s main street, Langham of Schoc Chocolates creates unique blends of chocolate.

His creations – such as lime and chilli, pink peppercorn, carrot and coriander, fennel, Earl Grey tea, lavender, smoked paprika and basil – end up in chic hotels and in hipsterish cafes throughout New Zealand (in Australia they’re stocked at Perth’s Fresh Provisions and Tamworth’s Weswal Gallery).

“We each know what our favourite chocolate is,” says Langham, taking a break from chocolate making and bearing a plate of curry and pappadum flavoured chocolate.

“What does it mean we eat the same type of chocolate, time and time again?”

When practising as a therapist, Langham became curious about the great number of his clients who just loved chocolate.

He began to observe what sort of chocolates and centres they liked and “gained great insights into their behaviours”.

He’s written two books on the topic – Chocolate Therapy and Hot Chocolate – and believes when we choose a centre it links to the inner part of ourselves that guides our emotions, moods, inner thoughts and self esteem.

Here is a brief version of Langham’s guide to what the various centres mean:


Climbing the almond tree of prosperity, you desire success and you like to celebrate your achievements.


You’re a gentle and patient person, very self-assured, certain of who and what you are.


As a person who loves brazil nuts, you’re very diplomatic and cultured.


Without making a fuss, you conscientiously get things done.


You have all the attributes of soft caramel but you crystallise that softness to give you a solid base. You’re firm in your dealings with others and very law-abiding.


You’re full of energy, creating around yourself a virtual whirlwind of excitement.


As a chocolate lover, you’re part of the advancement of the human race, looking ot the future.


You dream of island hideaways in sun, sand and surf.


As a coffee person, you’re not one to be kept waiting or standing in a queue.


As a lover of fudge you’re sensual and smooth, gliding through life as if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.


You’re one of the world’s achievers. You have energy, drive, ambition and vision; what you can imagine, you can obtain.


You’re a person who works with the wisdom of mother earth. You’re aware of the energies around you and in harmony with nature.


You’re a person who isn’t afraid to try something new.


This love of lemon can mean that you’re an old soul, someone who has been here many times.


You know where you’re going; you’re very direct, straight to the point.


As a person who likes marshmallow, you’re very social.


You’re excellent in emergency situations. A caregiver of the highest order, you can feel a deep sense of need to help people who are in shock or who are sick.


You love outdoor activities, sports and team games, whether you’re playing or watching in person or on TV.


Pecan lovers are searching for eternal youth, the elixir of life, the stone of the wise.


All things are possible to peppermint lovers; you have all the scope of life to choose from.


Facing the world with joy and happiness, you can see the hidden potential in everyone you meet.


You seek the innocence of a child, the fun times of the past when it seemed as if there was only black or white and life was so simple.


You’re a loving and caring person.


You’re a person on a spiritual quest.


You have a solid heart of gold. You love the outdoors – the forests, the parks, the mountains.


Schoc Chocolates (schoc.co.nz) is located at 177 Main Street in Greytown, Wairarapa, a one-hour drive or train ride from Wellington.

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