The Block gets ugly

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There was a stuffed ram, a mishmash of feature walls, and hideous floral couches in the ultimate challenge of bad taste on Wednesday night’s show of The Block: Fans v Faves.


After weeks of designing and building some very impressive rooms, the four teams on Nine Network’s renovation reality series were asked to forget everything they had learnt about styling and create the “best worst room ever”.

It was a brilliant twist to the show’s final challenge from host Shelley Craft, drawing laughs and plenty of cringes from both the contestants and judges Neale Whittaker and Darren Palmer.

The “Favourites”, twins Alisa and Lysandra, and mates Brad and Dale, put together a room that featured a miniature chair, undersized floor rug, floral couch and an Addams family-style portrait of themselves. They even added a touch of taxidermy, hanging a stuffed ram’s head on the wall.

But it was the “Fans”, partners Steve and Chantelle, and married couple Kara and Kyal, who really got the judges cringing. Their room featured a “blood splatter” wall of red paint, poorly placed artwork and an old-fashioned marbled corner bar, complete with red op-shop trinkets.

“It’s bordering on the worst room I’ve ever seen in my life,” Whittaker said, before adding that they had “taken hideous to a whole new level”.

For their winning bad taste, the two teams of “Fans” each took home $2500, a much-needed amount of money for the cash-strapped renovators, who are this week working on their rooftop terraces and redoing some of their rooms on The Block.

It is the last week of renovations on the show before the teams’ apartments go under the hammer.

*The Block: Fans v Faves airs on the Nine Network at 7.30pm from Monday to Thursday, and at 6.30pm on Sunday.

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