How Johnson kept Hercules look a secret

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It was extremely hard for Dwayne Johnson to keep his Hercules look under wraps while filming the Brett Ratner-directed movie in Hungary in 2013.


But he did it for the greater good of the big reveal.

“As an actor, not showing my chiselled, extraordinary, handsome face was a tremendous sacrifice for me,” he joked on Monday before the premiere of the film’s trailer at Las Vegas movie-theatre convention CinemaCon.

“Paramount, MGM and I made a pact,” he added. “We wanted to make a massive global and entertaining movie while doing all we could to never reveal the actual look of Hercules.”

Slowly rolling out photos from the set of the film for the past few months via his Twitter page, Johnson aimed to bring fans along on his journey – from his training to his diet and preparation.

On Sunday, the 41-year-old actor finally unveiled his Hercules look in its entirety.

He posted a photo via Twitter revealing his full beard, shoulder-length brown locks and armour. In the caption accompanying the photo he wrote: “The world’s first superhero. #TilDeathOrVictory.”

We’re offered hints of the Greek hero’s abilities in the film’s trailer, which debuts on Tuesday. In it, Hercules battles the multiheaded Lernaean Hydra water monster, the behemoth Erymanthian boar, and the Nemean lion. In the following clip he classically dons the skinned lion as a headpiece.

But, of course, Hercules is a multifaceted figure, so we’re also treated to a brief snapshot of the hero absorbed in a tender lip-lock.

The teaser’s conclusion takes us right back to the barbarousness, with the Greek hero fiercely yelling, “I am Hercules!”

At just under two-metres tall, the extremely muscular Johnson said he trained harder for Hercules than any other role. “But in the end,” he added. “It was all well worth it.”

*Hercules opens in Australian cinemas on July 31.

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